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Starting Sunday 8.20.23 we will be offering two services:
9AM and 11AM

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If the idea of walking into a building full of strangers is not your cup of tea, we would love to help you make the sometimes challenging and scary first visit to a church a little easier.

Sign up below and someone from New City will reach out to you. When you arrive we'll have someone waiting for you at the front door to help you find your way around.

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Come All Who Are Weary And Heavy Laden

We live in a cynical world, every day we are confronted with injustice, lies, and despair. Our Sunday gatherings are meant to be a preview of what life will look like when Jesus sets everything right and makes all things new. So at New City we strive to make our Sunday gatherings a place of rest and renewal for all who are weary. A place where you are loved no matter where you are coming from and a place where you can experience real change.

Welcoming People

We believe that hospitality is our purpose. This means we thought of you before you got here, and we created an environment that is meant to give you a glimpse of the care and beauty of God.


We believe one day we will sing at the top of our lungs in the presence of Jesus for all eternity, so why not start now. We believe everything already belongs to our God so we give freely and generously. And we believe that Jesus has already one the victory so we celebrate like its victory every Sunday.

Relevant Preaching

We preach the Bible, centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the gospel isn’t only a set of statements to believe; it’s a Person to know. We open the Bible to see how the gospel changes everything about how we think, what’s ultimate in our hearts, and how we live.

The next Generation

The Next Generation is our responsibility, so we take caring for your kids very seriously. Kids will learn about Jesus and they will hear and see the Gospel lived out in front of them.

We gather to give people a foretaste of the kingdom by helping them behold the glory of Jesus.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be wondering...

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Where are you located?

We are located just down the street from Harvest Market off of Neil Street in Champaign.
2110 Fox Drive, Champaign

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Where do I park?

We've got plenty of parking all around our building. Park wherever you want.

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What should I wear?

Come in whatever is most comfortable for you. Sometimes we dress up, sometimes we dress down, but there is no dress code.

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Will I be asked to stand up during the service?

Yikes! That sounds scary.  We wouldn't want that done to us so we won't do it to you.

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What to expect during worship?

Celebratory praise from a mix of new and old songs. We like to sing and sing loudly about Jesus.

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Am I expected to give money?

No. But if you want to, we won't stop you.

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Do you have something for my kids?

Yes! Kid City is our kids ministry, your kids will be well taken care of by our friendly and highly trained staff who are eager to serve your kids (and you) during your time with us.

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Do I need to pre register my child?

Nope. And we make it easy to register your child when you get here.

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What Covid Precautions are you taking?

We ask that everyone wear masks when they enter and move around the building. When you are seated, feel free to remove your mask. We have  moved the seating around to practice social distancing. Also, you can check us out online, live every Sunday.

We'll Save You A Seat.

Sunday Services Begin at 9 and 11 AM
Doors Open at 8:45 AM.
2110 Fox Drive, Champaign, IL 61820