Next Steps

Whether this is your first time in church, or you've never missed a Sunday, Next Steps is a great way to energize your relationship with God, and discover your purpose in his grand story.

Over two sessions, you'll be able to hear the vision of our church, discover your specific purpose, and even become a member of New City when you're ready. You can take them in any order, so hop in this weekend!

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Step One

Get Connected

Hear the origin story and vision of New City Church. Find out what we believe, how we’re structured, and hear how to become a member here. By the end of Step One, you should have all the information you need to know if New City is your church.

Step two

Make a Difference

Discover your purpose in God’s story. Find out how God has gifted you for good works, join a Serve Team, and learn how to make a difference by making disciples. By the end of Step Two, you should have clarity on 1.) how God has gifted you and 2.) how to begin using those gifts for his glory.

What Are You Waiting For?

Next Steps Class happens every Sunday right after our morning worship services, we even feed you lunch. Join us today

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